About Me

I was born and raised in Taiwan, and since coming to Berkeley, I now have two places I can call home.
From developing UI to writing parsers and code assistance tools for my work or for my engineering club, I'm always down to work on what's challenging and impactful.
You can find me in Berkeley building camraderie in IM Basketball, drinking boba at UCha, jamming to Coldplay or Chris Tomlin in my room, and praising God with my family in Klesis.


My most proficient programming languages are Python, Java, and Javascript. I have worked on web applications using front-end tools such as React and Angular, and back-end tools such as Express.js, Java Spring, and database tools such as Oracle SQL. I also have project management experience in managing a team to work on website development using Github.


A small collection of the various projects from my clubs, research, classwork, or personal campaigns.


Feel free to shoot me a message or ask me any questions!