Kevin Chien

Developer. Musician. Christian.

About Me

I'm a student at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. I have served 2 years in Pioneers in Engineering in the UI team and the web team, and in the 2016-2017 school year served as PM of website. To see a collection of some of the things I've had the pleasure to work on, check out some of my projects. In my spare time, I regularly seek to give praise to God with the family I've found in Klesis Christian Fellowship.



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Dawn is a desktop app for learning to program and control robots. It is part of the Robotics Kit of the Pioneers in Engineering Competition for under-served high-school students.
Technologies used: React, Redux, Electron, Webpack, Node, Mocha, Travis CI

Pioneers in Engineering Website

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Public facing website of Pioneers in Engineering.
Technologies used: HTML, SCSS, JS, Jekyll, Bootstrap.

PiE Final Competition Web App

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A web app that displays real-time competition matches and scores from Google Sheets.
Technologies used: Angular, Polymer, JS, HTML, CSS, Google Sheets API.


Built SQL-like database tool with table insertion, read, select, and join using Java. Supports conditionals.

Loop Pedal

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Built at Calhacks 3.0, Loop Pedal is an iOS app built with Swift 3 that loops audio as you play/perform, controlled by an Arduino pedal over Bluetooth.